The Science and Benefits of Vibration Plate

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For those of you who regularly exercise at the gym, you will certainly find lots of equipment of various types and sizes. Some tools are designed to help users increase strength and muscle mass. Other tools help improve heart performance, and others are used to help regulate ideal body weight.

Of all the types and methods of use that are available in gym equipment, they all have the same purpose, namely to maintain health and fitness.

Of the many pieces of equipment to choose from, one piece of gym equipment that can give you many good benefits at the same time is a vibration plate. Let’s discuss it further.

Explanation of Vibrating Plates and How They Work

Vibration plates, also known as vibration platforms or whole-body vibration machines. This tool is a platform that vibrates when the user stands on the tool. When you stand on a vibrating device, this forces the muscle fibers in your body to contract to maintain balance.

However, this does not mean that you can just stand on the plate without having to do anything. Sports movements still need to be done while on the plate so that the results are maximized.

As an illustration, the comparison is like doing biceps curls without lifting any weight to doing the same type of exercise but by lifting dumbbells or a resistance band.

The contractions that occur in the body’s muscles will be greater if they are “forced” to resist, in this case maintaining balance. When doing vibration exercises, the vibrations will increase muscle resistance while maintaining balance. This means that if you just stand still and don’t balance on the plate, which is quite impossible to do, then there won’t be any big results.

Vibrating platforms can be used for individual or group sports. Each vibrating plate machine will have different vibration speed levels. It is clear that the greater the vibration produced by the machine, the greater the muscle resistance required to maintain balance on the plate.

Benefits of Using Vibration Plates

For those of you who have only heard of or know about the existence of this kind of exercise equipment, perhaps at first, you will wonder how a vibrating plate can help you build muscle properly and give real results.

The following are the main benefits of using a vibrating machine that has also been researched according to science, including:

1. Faster muscle recovery

Research shows that using a vibrating plate exercise device will help improve your blood flow. Smooth blood circulation is what makes muscle recovery faster even after doing quite heavy exercise.

Good blood flow will help more nutrients and oxygen enter and repair damaged tissue. In addition, good blood circulation will significantly increase the body’s immunity and maintain optimal health.

2. Muscle strength increases

Research also supports that using a vibrating plate will increase your muscle strength quite well. This event has a positive impact on the muscle strength of the elderly.

Increasing muscle strength will certainly make it easier for elderly people to carry out activities in their old age and not get sick easily. This is also very beneficial for athletes who rely a lot on muscle strength in their chosen sport.

3. Reduces the risk of bone loss

The risk of bone fractures is caused by the main factor being low bone density. The risk of bone loss can be significantly reduced by doing lots of muscle strength training.

This is why using a vibrating tool can also have a good impact on the problems above. The way it works is by helping strengthen the bone formation process and bone resorption is also reduced as reported by research results. These two things ultimately work together to form a body frame that is much stronger and sturdier.

4. Maintain body balance

The risk of reducing the ability to maintain body balance will decrease drastically as humans get older. Many balance problems are caused by reduced muscle strength which ultimately reduces the level of flexibility.

According to research, doing exercises with this vibrating plate can help the elderly maintain their best posture. With this, it increasingly shows that doing regular exercise with a vibrating plate in old age can help to increase the endurance of the lower body. This will enable the elderly to continue walking stably and with good posture.

5. Increase flexibility

In a review, the Journal of Sport Rehabilitation explains the benefits of increasing hamstring flexibility. Another support is the statement that the support for the range of motion produced by this vibration exercise further increases the level of flexibility. The risk of injury will decrease and your performance will improve if your body’s flexibility is well maintained.

6. Eliminate muscle pain

Feelings of pain that arise after doing strenuous exercise often occur and may be quite difficult to avoid because this is a definite effect. However, you can reduce the pain by doing this shaking exercise.

A writer who discusses health stated that there are several ways you can use this tool to relieve pain. One way is to reduce the influence on sensors or pain thresholds. Creatine kinase levels also decrease, which can reduce pain.

7. Lose weight faster

Metabolism increases a lot when the whole body experiences vibrations, so the body’s ability to burn large amounts of calories can increase.

This fact is supported by the results of research that monitored the use of this vibrating plate exercise equipment for six weeks. One of the most noticeable effects is a decrease in body mass and fat.

8. Improves the immune system

It is well known that exercise is an effective way to increase the body’s immunity naturally. It turns out that this is also closely related to vibrations throughout the body in particular.

When your immune system is always maintained in good condition, you will be resistant to virus attacks and protected from various types of infectious diseases.

9. Stabilizes blood pressure

High blood pressure has become a big problem for many people these days. This is because high blood pressure is very dangerous and can cause heart attacks and other deadly diseases.

The results of the research state that sports activities using a vibration plate will improve blood pressure and help achieve ideal body weight, especially for people who are obese. Apart from that, it can also improve artery function.

Benefits of Body Vibration

Research states that many people can feel the benefits of this body vibration. This research even tested young and old objects. Not only that, researchers also tested people with different body weights. This is what shows that the use of vibration plates is a very suitable exercise step and can be used by almost everyone.

People who can get maximum benefits and benefits from sports activities using this vibration plate are people who want to combine it with conventional sports.

Conventional sports activities that can be done include cardio training and weight lifting to increase strength.

Exercises That Can Be Combined with Vibration Plates

For those of you who have decided to use a vibration plate to improve your health, the following are the types of exercises you can do with a vibrating device.

Squats – Squatting position by maintaining a thin waist position will add more emphasis to the muscles while also maintaining balance above vibrations so that it can provide faster results.

Lunge – A lunge is a movement that is somewhat similar to a squat in that you increase the pressure on the vibrator as you lower your position.

Heel raises – This is an exercise for your calves. You just need to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart lift your heels and hold them, and feel the tight sensation in your calf area.

Plank – You can turn the plank grip into a vibrator. You only need to do plank movements as usual, only this is done on a vibrating device to increase the intensity.

People Who Need to Avoid Body Vibration Exercises

It turns out that a vibrating tool that has many benefits cannot be used by everyone without exception. For people who have experienced serious injuries and are prone to recurrence, as well as people who have special health problems that make it impossible to do exercises with a vibrating device, you should still seek consultation before actually using it. This is so you can avoid bigger problems. You still have to make sure your body is ready and fit to do this exercise.

For pregnant women, it is strongly not recommended to use this tool for any purpose. According to research, if you use a vibrating device while pregnant it will increase the risk of premature birth.

Premature birth that is too early will cause many developmental problems and other health problems in the baby. Even in major cases, the condition of a premature baby can cause death for both mother and baby.

That is a review of the benefits of using vibrating tools from a scientific perspective and also things that need to be considered before using them. Hopefully, the review above can provide benefits and provide health inspiration for you.