Red Light Therapy Potential Benefits for Skin Rejuvenation

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Red light therapy is a therapy that uses light waves for skin health needs and other benefits. RLT can be a promising treatment option to treat various skin disorders and rejuvenate your skin. For you to understand more about RLT, you can refer to the following article.

About Red Light Therapy

RLT is a therapy with an LED device that can produce red light waves with amazing benefits. It is used to effectively treat skin problems such as acne and signs of aging.

Other terms for RLT are PBM, LLLT, or LPLT, these can differ on the therapy center you visit. Regardless of the term used, all of them use light therapy with the right level settings to get high benefits. This therapy is growing in popularity as many are satisfied with its highly effective health benefits.

RLT has come a long way, it can be done in a variety of ways. You may find light therapy done with light panels, LED light sticks, or other means. The RLT device is brought close to the skin so that it can absorb the light optimally. This therapy can provide extra energy to the body’s cells to provide maximum cellular productivity.

Many people rely on RLT to improve their skin health because this therapy can indeed improve the skin. Red-light therapy can boost cell growth and then perform intensive skin restoration. Although it is very beneficial for the skin, this therapy is also commonly used for other needs such as hair growth.

Therapies that use LED light are quite diverse. Not only using red light, but each wavelength variation may also provide different benefits. In addition to red light, there is also therapy with blue light which can generally provide anti-microbial benefits.

The benefits of blue light are quite different, as red-light therapy is more about reducing inflammation. So, if any of you are interested in doing RLT, you better understand the benefits of this therapy for your skin.

Red-Light Therapy Benefits for Skin

If you want to rejuvenate your skin in the best way possible, this therapy might be the right answer for your needs. This therapy method has been around for a long time, light being a potential component that can affect skin changes in a good way. So, red-light therapy is not a new therapy concept.

The use of light waves dates back decades for skin care. Usually, many people rely on this therapy to improve their skin condition. One of them is the purpose of overcoming skin aging, this therapy has a pretty good effect on wrinkles or fine lines.

RLT works by increasing collagen products so that it can provide these benefits. Overall, this therapy can have a good effect on the quality of skin texture. To understand its benefits further, please refer to the points below:

– Resolve The Problem Of Skin Fibrosis

Many people experience scarring on their skin and it can be treated with RLT. More and more patients are satisfied with this therapy for skin fibrosis although more clinical evidence is needed to confirm this benefit. RLT can modulate key cell characteristics that can have a favorable effect on skin fibrosis.

When you do this therapy, the scar tissue will not produce as much collagen anymore so it can overcome thickening scars. For those of you who often complain about scarring on your skin, you can consider doing RLT.

– Reduces Signs Of Aging On The Skin

For those of you who complain of wrinkles or fine lines on the skin, you can try doing red-light therapy. This therapy can provide optimal skin rejuvenation benefits by improving fibroblasts. Collagen in your skin can increase so that it can make your skin more elastic and strong.

– Overcoming Acne

Another great benefit of red-light therapy for your skin is acne. Many of you may have experienced intermediate or serious acne problems. Light therapy has long been implemented to treat this most common skin problem.

Red-light therapy has also been developed and is still being developed to be more effective for treating acne. For those of you who have moderate acne problems, then you can treat it by relying on this therapy.

The working system of red-light therapy is by lowering sebum in your skin and then soothing the inflamed part. With such brilliance, RLT can treat acne breakouts.

– Healing Wounds

Another amazing benefit of RLT is that it can heal wounds. While some wounds are more difficult to heal, serious wounds pose a challenge to skincare methods. Although it is a serious case, RLT can provide a glimmer of hope for those of you who have wounds that want to heal quickly.

RLT works by increasing collagen, and fibroblast proliferation so that it can have a good effect on skin wound problems including those that are difficult to heal.

Other Benefits of Red Light Therapy

While RLT can do wonders for your skin, it has many other benefits as well. Take a look at these benefits that you can get from red-light therapy apart from improving and nourishing your skin.

– Hair Growth

RLT works by reducing the potential for hair loss, this hair problem is often caused by genetic factors that give a reaction to androgens. Hair loss can be erratic and usually occurs after puberty. RLT can improve blood flow and suppress potential inflammation.

Blood will be optimally circulated to the head so that there are more nutrients there. If you want your hair to be denser and thicker, then it is recommended to take an RLT session.

– Maintain Sleep Quality

Some people have trouble sleeping because of certain things and that can be solved with red-light therapy. Every human being should get natural light like we can get outdoors from the sun. Natural light is needed for humans to regulate the many biological systems in their bodies.

But many people spend so much time indoors that they don’t have enough time to get natural light. Because of this habit, it can lead to fatigue and even insomnia. In the long run, you may experience mood problems.

If you rarely leave the house, use the RLT method which is more effective and easier to keep your body exposed to enough natural light. This therapy can improve the release of melatonin so that you can get better quality sleep.

– Reduces Body Fat

RLT can be good for your ideal body goals as it can reduce fat. While this benefit is quite popular, there is still a need for intensive research to further prove this benefit. Good news for you, there have been several research cases showing that this therapy can affect adipocytes.

Adipocytes are cells responsible for storing fat in the human body. If RLT sessions are conducted regularly, the adipocytes will release triglycerides. This activity can eliminate body fat. Although RLT has promising benefits for fat loss, it needs to be balanced with adequate exercise. You can achieve significant fat loss with a combination of RLT and physical activity.

– Nourishes The Joints

The application of RLT has grown and this therapy is also used for arthritis symptoms. RLT is relied upon for these problems because it can increase collagen in your skin. This therapy can rebuild cartilage which is a factor that makes RLT good for joint health.

You can consider RLT to solve the problem of joint stiffness, or even to relieve joint pain. Improve in blood flow and cell rejuvenation are the main points of RLT that can nourish the joints.

About BLT and RLT

You might be quite confused between blue-light and red-light therapy, what’s the difference between the two? These two phototherapies have some of the same benefits. Although they can provide similar uses, they can differ in the process.

The light output from a PBM device has a wavelength not much different when compared to blue light. However, it differs in the output peak as it is wider. The use of blue light is usually for indoors using an emitting device as applied to treat acne.

The use of blue light can reach the oil glands. It can also kill porphyrins, thus suppressing the cause of acne. While red light can provide higher performance, reaching deeper layers. That way, it can treat not only acne but also various other skin problems. RLT works by increasing the skin’s healing potential and reducing symptoms of inflammation.

Guide to Taking RLT Sessions

So, how often should I do red-light therapy sessions? This therapy can provide many amazing benefits but each person may have a different reaction to the application of RLT. But a recommendation that you can consider is to do it for 8-12 weeks.

For best results, you should invest in these therapy sessions consistently. In the early days, you can consider short sessions first. Then when you are familiar with the reaction to RLT, you can increase the session time. If you want to get satisfactory results try to get 3-5 sessions/week, especially for the first month.

The number of treatments for each person may vary, as the device used may vary. If you are using a home device to perform RLT, then make sure to follow every instruction to be safe and get maximum results. You can also consider getting RLT in other ways such as an infrared sauna.