JOOVV Full Body Red Light Therapy (RLT)

15 Minutes session of JOOVV Full Body Red Light Therapy

Rp 230.000Rp 2.900.000

Red light therapy is the simple, non-invasive way to treat your skin and cells with concentrated natural light (without any heat or potentially damaging ultraviolet rays). A small device called the Joovv emits medical-grade LED light, releasing natural red light and near infrared light (NIR light) onto your body to boost your cells’ energy production.

The health benefits gained from red light and NIR light emitted by the Joovv are the same as those you’d get from natural sunlight: the mitochondria in your cells are stimulated to produce more energy and work against any nitric oxide that can weaken the cells and make us feel tired or sluggish. But instead of spending hours outside to get the natural sunlight your body needs (and risk sun damage or heat exhaustion), Joovv red light therapy lets you derive the same benefits in only 5 to 15 minutes!

It’s the quick, natural, and healthy way to stimulate cellular energy production and feel benefits like joint pain relief, anti-inflammatory effects, and accelerated muscle recovery.

How it works:
The Joovv is a relatively small device covered in little lights, some of which will shine red and some of which will not shine at all (these are emitting NIR light, which we can’t see). In a darkened room, you’ll sit in front of the Joovv for between 5 and 15 minutes, ideally naked (clothes prohibit your skin from being fully bathed in the light, which is necessary in order to derive full benefits).

Within minutes you’ll begin to feel the release of tension in your muscles, any aches or pains subsiding, and a general energized feeling which could last all day! The Joovv makes feeling good quick and easy – it’s a healthy and simple solution to stave off aches and get you feeling your best.

How can I benefit from Joovv red light therapy?
Depending upon your individual needs, the Joovv can do any number of incredible things. Joovv red light therapy is proven to

  • treat pain and strain with a natural anti-inflammatory effect,
  • increase circulation and increase blood flow to promote cellular regeneration in damaged tissue, to aid in healing and stimulate quicker recovery from tissue damage,
  • reduce muscle fatigue, prevent the onset of muscle soreness, and accelerate muscle recovery and muscle growth,
  • reduce pain and swelling and stimulate healing of bone or tissue injuries, and
  • reduce inflammation and boost circulation in the skin, which can also increase natural collagen levels, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and promote healing of scars or other damaged skin tissue.

Professional athletes are making use of Joovv red light therapy every day to stimulate muscle growth and drive their strength, balance, and overall athletic performance. But even amateur athletes or just those looking to feel better are finding reasons to love the Joovv because it reduces or eliminates daily aches and pains, stimulates blood flow, nourishes the skin, and makes your whole body feel great, from head to toe.

At Rejuvo, we believe in harnessing the benefits of this simple and innovative technology to help every patient with quicker recoveries, pain-free healing, and overall better well-being.