Guide of Lymphatic Massage for Detoxification

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Health problems are still common today. At the same time, technology and health science are also increasingly developing with the discovery of more sophisticated medical devices, and drugs with new formulas, including methods of treating diseases that are increasingly developing to this day.

One of the treatment methods that is currently developing and is starting to become known is Lymphatic Massage, this is a treatment method that has been proven to be able to improve the health and well-being of many people.

In this discussion, we will discuss in more depth lymphatic massage or what is also known as Lymphatic Drainage Massage. This is a therapy that is still quite new for some people, but it can provide great benefits for many people.

We will find information about how it works, and also the various benefits you can get to live a healthier life. So, you can start learning more about lymphatic massage which cares for body health, and find out how this method can make you healthy.

About Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic massage, or what is also known as lymphatic drainage massage, is a special and new technique developed to increase stimulation of the system within the lymphatic organs.

The role of the lymphatic system is very important in carrying out responses to increase the body’s immunity, is also related to the body’s waste disposal system, and regulates the balance of the amount of fluid in the body as a whole.

Some things that have an effect are the regulation of the lymph node tissue which transports lymph fluid containing white blood cells and blood vessels to be distributed to all parts of the body’s organs.

The massage therapists at the clinics that provide this service also train their skills, so they can perform gentle massages because this is what the lymph part needs. The rhythm and pressure of the massage also need to be adjusted in such a way that it feels light and can stimulate the lymphatic system during a lymphatic drainage massage session.

In this way, it will provide facilities or a way for eliminating toxins that are harmful to the body, reducing excess fluids, removing waste that pollutes the body, and maintaining overall levels of well-being and health, apart from that your immune system also functions well and smoothly.

How Lymphatic Drainage Massage Works

Muscle contractions have a huge influence on the performance of the lymphatic system. Another thing that is no less important is managing deep breathing and doing physical movements to help the process of transporting the lymph nodes throughout the body.

Several factors that affect performance and can inhibit natural lymph flow are living a lifestyle that is too stagnant and not moving much, experiencing excessive stress, post-surgical treatment, and experiencing severe and prolonged injuries.

Another effect that occurs is stagnation or stopping of the lymph node system and a buildup of toxins which are very threatening to health.

The function of performing lymphatic drainage massage is as a catalyst that can restore the function of this system to optimality because this system is very important.

The therapist will use gentle but effective sweeping massage movements. With the help of a massage therapist who will repair your lymph system, lymph node fluid will be distributed throughout the body more effectively and efficiently.

The massage movements carried out will only follow the natural flow of the lymph, then it will push the fluid towards the lymph nodes, where it is where body waste and various kinds of toxins are filtered. The touch and movement carried out by the therapist will help increase flow or circulation, the effect is to minimize swelling and improve breathing in the nasal cavity. Another advantage is that it can provide more benefits that greatly influence your overall health and well-being.

All the things that get the effect of lymph drainage massage are the most vital in the body. Starting from the antidote to poisons to those related to the respiratory tract. This further shows how lymphatic massage has great benefits and is very good for people who need therapy or just to maintain their body’s health regularly.

The healthy condition obtained from this therapy will support your efforts in carrying out fitness efforts through sports. A healthy and fit body condition will certainly make it easier to carry out activities, even heavy ones.

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The following is a discussion of the benefits you can get from lymph massage therapy which is interesting to look at.

1. Increases Immunity And Detoxification

Lymphatic drainage massage will help your body remove accumulated toxins, remove metabolic waste, and eliminate harmful substances in the body.

The stimulation that occurs in the lymphatic system makes this technique proven capable of increasing the detoxification process that occurs naturally in the body, so that it can improve the immune system as a whole, as a result, you can avoid various risks of disease.

Toxins that are deposited a lot will interfere with kidney function, causing many other health problems. The kidneys are an organ that is quite important for keeping yourself neutralized from toxins, and lymph massage therapy will help the performance of the kidneys so that they continue to function well in maintaining the body’s immunity.

2. Reduces The Amount Of Fluid And Swelling

Lymphatic drainage massage will help people with edema or what is known as post-operative swelling. They will feel the much-awaited sensation of relief after receiving this therapy.

The masseuse will make slow and gentle movements. They also perform pumping movements with a regular rhythm during the massage process to stimulate the performance of the lymphatic system, while also facilitating drainage which will help overcome excess fluid and eliminate swelling that occurs in certain areas.

Swelling will interfere with activities. However, swelling is something that should not appear in our body and will certainly give a foreign impression and a feeling of great discomfort.

In addition, swelling that occurs in visible areas, such as the face, will interfere with your appearance and reduce your self-confidence. So those who care about their appearance will not hesitate to undergo this therapy if needed.

3. Faster Injury Healing And Recovery

Lymphatic drainage massage is often done by athletes who want to speed up the healing process of their injuries. This is done by improving circulation in the body, which can then accelerate the process of removing cell waste and metabolic waste.

This is why this therapy is sought after by people who are just recovering or have undergone surgical procedures, especially professional athletes. This step has been proven to be able to accelerate the regeneration of body tissue and minimize the formation of scar tissue.

For athletes who are still in their golden age, recovering from injury is very important and challenging. Because they need to improve their mentality again and ensure that this injury does not recur. That is why this therapy is important because it can accelerate injury recovery.

4. Chronic Pain And Inflammation Can Be Treated

Lymphatic drainage massage can significantly help those of you who suffer from inflammation or chronic pain. This therapeutic technique can reduce excessive pain and reduce overall discomfort.

This therapy can help pain sufferers increase flexibility and mobility significantly and comprehensively because it can treat the swelling that occurs and speed up the process of removing inflammatory substances.

5. Skin Becomes Healthier And Brighter

Lymphatic drainage massage can help you maintain healthy and bright skin. The way to do this is by increasing circulation which carries out the process of removing toxins. The flow of oxygen and nutrients in the body can flow smoothly to the skin cells.

This condition can increase the production of collagen cells which play an important role in providing healthy and bright skin which makes you look naturally beautiful and young.

Seeing these benefits, it is not surprising that quite a few public figures are interested in trying this therapy to be able to maintain their appearance and remain attractive to look at.

6. Relaxation and Relieve Stress

Lymphatic drainage massage not only provides physical results but also provides significant relaxation and stress relief. When you get a gentle massage, you will feel calm during the massage process.

Gentle massage will provide deeper relaxation, tension will be reduced and anxiety will slowly disappear. The effect is that you can feel overall well-being and calm.

People Who Need to Get Lymphatic Massage Therapy

The following are some people who are recommended to receive lymphatic massage therapy, including:

  1. People with Lymphedema, which is people with conditions of excessive lymph fluid
  2. People who experience frequent infections and fevers
  3. Have recently had surgery or injury
  4. Cellulite and excess weight or obesity
  5. Excessive stress and anxiety
  6. Have problems with the digestive organs

That’s a review of lymph massage and its benefits for detoxification that affects physical and mental health. Hopefully, with the latest information in the world of health, you can get more and more varied health references. Keep healthy, everyone!