Exploring the Benefits of Cryotherapy to Reduce Inflammation

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Have any of you heard about cryotherapy? Cryotherapy is a sauna therapy that uses extreme cold temperatures instead of hot temperatures. Many health benefits can be obtained from cryotherapy, one of which is for inflammation problems.

In-Depth Review Of Cryotherapy

During cryotherapy therapy, you will spend less than three minutes in a chamber with a temperature of less than -100°C. Since this therapy is so popular, you may find it easier to find a cryotherapy center now. This cold temperature therapy has been increasingly relied upon by many people because of its great benefits for athletic needs.

Not only to reduce inflammation, cryotherapy can also be relied upon to restore muscles and many other good benefits. By doing whole-body cryotherapy, your chronic inflammation will be alleviated. Although it is great for athletes, cryotherapy is not just for athletes.

Cryotherapy refers to the use of extreme cold temperatures that focus on areas of injury or areas of inflammation. Cryotherapy also revolves around immersing the body in cold water for either the whole body or just parts of it. This method has been around for a long time, the simple concept is to use ice and then put it on the area of inflammation to reduce the symptoms.

Athletes have been using this method for a long time until now. Therefore, utilizing cold temperatures to treat acute inflammation has been well-studied by many people. By using cold temperatures focused on the area of inflammation, it can suppress the inflammatory response itself.

Cryotherapy can be applied in a walk-in electric chamber for the whole body. Another cryotherapy method is to use liquid nitrogen tubes with an open-faced system. You may want to consider using a walk-in chamber for certain reasons.

Your entire body will be exposed to the cold, including your head. As for the liquid nitrogen chamber, there may be certain risks that need to be considered. The air in it should not be inhaled just like that. Even so, certain safety standards have been implemented to anticipate your risks.

Various precautions have been prepared and have improved until now so that they can better ensure the safety of cryotherapy guests. Although quite different, both can bring amazing benefits including reducing inflammation. Make sure to choose a reputable and professional cryotherapy operator for safe and satisfying results.

About Chronic Inflammation

When it comes to inflammation, the concept is quite broad and it’s not just about sprained feet. Such examples include acute inflammation, which is easy to see and we can immediately tell what caused it.

Usually, acute inflammation has no symptoms that we can see when it heals. Unlike chronic inflammation, one of the main causes is autoimmune disorders. Chronic inflammation is linked to quite several health disorders be it obesity, digestive disorders, arthritis, and other health problems.

While the things that can cause us to experience chronic inflammation are quite diverse as well, it can be due to the consumption of certain foods, exposure to toxins, and stress. The causes of chronic inflammation can be from things that we encounter daily.

Cryotherapy Preparation

When it’s your first time doing cold therapy like cryotherapy, you might feel nervous or hesitant. Everyone can feel nervousness during the first cryotherapy session. When you do cryotherapy, your body will be shocked because it is exposed to extremely cold temperatures.

It’s quite simple to prepare before a cryotherapy session. Make sure you are sufficiently hydrated, because if you are dehydrated, then the therapy session can be more difficult. Time may not be a serious factor, you can have a cryotherapy session whenever you need as long as it is comfortable for you.

Reconsider if you want to do cryotherapy after a workout, especially intense physical activity. After you have done a workout that requires great strength, it is not advisable to take a cryotherapy session right away. Biologically, after exercise or physical activity, the human body makes repairs.

Exposure to extreme temperatures in cryotherapy may disrupt natural processes such as muscle building. Therefore, it’s better to give yourself a break before exposing your body to cold temperatures. Wait for a few hours after your workout, then you can do a cryotherapy session.

Cryotherapy to Reduce Inflammation

The idea of treatment applied to cryotherapy has been around for a very long time. Some of the sources of cryotherapy ideas are waterfall therapy, swimming in ice lakes, and so on. Therefore, although for some people cryotherapy is the latest treatment, the basic concept of treatment is very strong.

Cryotherapy has great potential to treat inflammatory problems. There is more and more research around cryotherapy today. There is also modern evidence that can further confirm the advantages of cryotherapy. In 1978, Dr. Toshima Yamaguchi successfully treated patients’ inflammation and pain due to rheumatoid arthritis. The actions of this Japanese rheumatologist became one of the originators of cryotherapy.

Toshima found that freezing the body for a short duration was more effective than cooling it down with an ice bath. Because of his efforts, cryotherapy has been increasingly relied upon as a treatment for inflammation and other complaints. Cryotherapy can be applied locally or to the entire body.

On the other hand, the ability and mechanism of cryotherapy for inflammation do need to be reviewed. The simple concept of cryotherapy is that when our body is exposed to the super cold temperature inside the cryotherapy chamber, our body will give an emergency response.

The result of these physiological effects is to restrict blood flow to the core of the body.

This will also support the release of endorphins and adrenaline. Furthermore, the heart will work more intensely so that blood will flow faster than before. Cryotherapy can manage a rapid decrease in temperature, so the response will also increase. After the cryotherapy session, our body will warm up and can get good blood that is rich in oxygen.

The result is that the body is energized and can reduce pain or inflammation. Once you try taking a cryotherapy session, you can see why cryotherapy is growing in popularity. Cryotherapy can reduce body inflammation and at the same time provide support for the body so that the body cells can provide optimal performance.

Cryotherapy allows you to experience a short but intense level of extreme cold. As such, it can elicit an immune response and an adaptive response. White blood cell performance will also increase so that you have better immunity. Not only that, but cryotherapy also boosts antioxidants to further support immunity and nourish liver function.

It’s normal to feel inflammation after exercise, and it’s even a good thing. To do cryotherapy after exercise, you should wait for an hour.

Other Health Benefits of Cryotherapy

Not just for inflammation, there are many more benefits of this advanced therapy that uses extreme cold temperatures.

– Reduces Pain

Cryotherapy is especially important for those who often engage in intense physical activity such as athletes. They may feel pain more often due to injuries or other factors. You can also rely on cryotherapy to reduce pain.

Exposure to cold temperatures that occur in cryotherapy sessions can make the nerves not perform optimally. With reduced performance requirements, the pain can also be reduced and you can return to comfortable daily activities. You can rely on cryotherapy for various types of pain, be it muscle pain, arthritis, and other forms of pain.

– Make The Body More Immune

Immunity is important for everyone. Cryotherapy is one therapy that can support immunity. The cold temperature in cryotherapy tanks can trigger white blood cells to be produced at their best so that they can fight potential diseases better.

– Boosting Athletic Performance

Many athletes and sports enthusiasts are interested in cryotherapy. This cold therapy can have a very good impact on the quality of athletic performance. Not only does it reduce pain or muscle soreness, it can also speed up recovery.

Cryotherapy is usually done after a training session with a gap of at least an hour. After doing cryotherapy, you will not be too exhausted. You will have optimal energy again with the amazing performance of cryotherapy.

– Mentally Healthy

Not only is cryotherapy physically good, but it can also be good for your mental health. Cryotherapy uses controlled cold temperatures that can reduce the intensity of your stress. You will no longer feel anxious because of the role of endorphins that are triggered by cold temperatures. Endorphins are natural substances in the body that can boost your mood.

– Nourishes The Skin

In terms of aesthetics, cryotherapy can also play a promising role as it can nourish your skin. One of the main ways cryotherapy works is by boosting blood flow to the skin and supplying more oxygen. With such a brilliant working system, this therapy can reduce flaws on the skin be it wrinkles, bad texture, fine lines, and so on.

– Supports Weight Loss

If you need help burning calories, then cryotherapy can help you. This therapy can boost metabolism and the type of fat that can burn calories instead of storing them.

So, that’s all about cryotherapy which can provide many health benefits including reducing inflammation.