Deep Tissue Massage to Heal The Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain can haunt anyone, especially people who are quite active in sports and who cannot manage their diet well.

This chronic pain may not go away throughout your life and will weaken you every day if it is not treated seriously and in-depth. Not only will your physical health decline, but it will also disrupt your overall health and well-being.

Many people are trying to find various kinds of treatment and care to be able to overcome this chronic pain disease. According to research and testimonials from people who have undergone it, deep tissue massage can overcome many chronic pain problems.

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Treatment using therapeutic massage methods needs to be carried out in a calm and quiet area, the aim is to increase relaxation and be able to rest well. This will improve healing and reduce the chronic pain suffered.

About Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Deep tissue massage therapy is known as a special massage technique that has a focus point in the muscle layer and then targets the connective tissue which is located in deeper parts of the body.

This massage therapy is designed as an effort to reduce tension and chronic pain which is very disturbing. The specific sections targeted are those that require attention.

In the process of deep tissue massage, the massage therapist will tend to use strong pressure combined with slow movements. The aim is to reach the deepest muscle layers. This treatment will give you the sensation of relief that you are looking forward to.

Pain disorders will interfere with activities where our body’s flexibility level will decrease significantly. Flexibility is very necessary to encourage smoother mobility. Limited movement caused by pain in certain areas will make you less flexible, and ultimately the feeling of stress will increase.

Moreover, the work will take a long time to complete, even if some needs cannot be met. Therefore, never underestimate the pain you feel and immediately consult or take treatment steps, one of which is this therapy.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Here are the benefits of doing deep tissue Massage Therapy:

1. Relieves Pain

Deep massage therapy can relieve muscle aches and pains significantly and effectively. Muscle problems such as neck pain, back pain, and muscle tension can be treated well. Firm pressure on the painful area aims to facilitate the process of releasing muscle knots and reducing tension.

2. Improve Flexibility

Deep tissue massage carried out on a scheduled and regular basis will improve the body’s flexibility and expand the range of motion due to the loss of adhesions in the muscles, thereby restoring mobility to those of you who are quite busy.

This will be useful for housewives who have a high level of work. This is also often chosen by professional sportsmen to overcome the pain that often attacks, especially after undergoing heavy exercise sessions.

3. Overcoming Excessive Stress

Deep tissue massage therapy also offers relaxation for your soul, not only providing physical benefits. When your stress level is low when receiving treatment, this will help your body in managing pain in the body.

Moreover, for some people, the high intensity of pressure during massage therapy provides an addictive sensation that makes them able to enjoy the moment of being massaged. This will further improve your mental condition and reduce stress levels.

Difference Between Deep Tissue Massage and Traditional Massage

The following are several things that differentiate traditional massage from deep tissue massage in general, let’s take a look.

Intensity and Depth

Traditional massage has quite a striking difference in its relaxation focus, traditional massage also applies strokes that tend to be calming.

Meanwhile, deep-tissue massage therapy focuses on reaching further and deeper layers of muscle tissue. So it is not surprising that during a massage session, you will need more intensity and pressure to have the desired effect.

Traditional massage is usually used by people who are too tired from work and just want to relax, and they have no complaints of injury or excess pain when they come to traditional massage. Different goals also influence the difference in intensity between traditional massage and deep-layer massage.

Treatment Targets

Traditional massage is applied to all parts of the body that feel tired and tends to provide a comfortable and relaxing experience rather than applying too much pressure which can be painful for some people.

This applies the opposite to deep tissue massage. This therapy is very centered and also targets pain points or areas of particular chronic tension.

So it is clear that deep tissue massage will focus on the painful area only, whereas traditional massage is more thorough.

Adhesions and Muscle Knots

Deep tissue massage therapy focuses more on treating problems with muscle knots, dealing with adhesions, and pressing directly on the points that trigger pain.

This treatment aims to break up adhesions which can help reduce pain significantly and develop better muscle function.

This is what then provides freedom and flexibility which will encourage your body’s performance in carrying out heavy physical activities.

Conditions for Deep Tissue Massage Treatment

The following are several types of diseases that can or are recommended for applying deep tissue massage therapy, let’s take a look.

Chronic Back Pain

Deep tissue massage therapy can significantly and effectively reduce the back pain that many people suffer from.

Focusing on deeper muscle layers, this therapy is more effective in relieving muscle tension and eliminating the discomfort felt, this will provide a more sustainable and long-term effect so you don’t need to be afraid of experiencing the same back problems at least shortly.

Shoulder and Neck Strain

Feeling tension in your shoulders and neck is the worst feeling ever, especially if you feel it for a long time, how much suffering will you feel? Doing deep tissue massage can be the most appropriate solution to this problem. This therapy helps relax hard and tense muscles.

You will no longer feel excruciating tension in the shoulder and neck area and avoid the discomfort produced by these areas. Tension in the shoulder and neck area can affect the head. The head will feel dizzy and the neck will be difficult to move. This condition can also increase stress if left unchecked.

Sports Injuries

Many people who like to exercise, especially active athletes, choose to use deep tissue massage therapy services to treat injury problems caused by sports activities that tend to be heavy.

This therapy is widely applied to support the ongoing rehabilitation process by improving muscle circulation and removing annoying scar tissue as much as possible.

There are many cases where injuries are prolonged and not treated in the right way, affecting athletes’ careers, and causing many to decide to retire early, and that is quite painful.

Deep Tissue Massage into Your Health Routine

This therapy is worth considering as something you should do regularly. The following are several things that need to be considered regarding this therapy.

Consistency and Frequency

You can receive maximum benefits from deep tissue massage therapy by always maintaining a good and consistent schedule. Undergoing therapy regularly can make chronic pain heal and not reappear.

This is in line with all treatment methodologies which require each patient to undergo regular and disciplined treatment to quickly recover completely.

Consult with an Expert

One of the important steps you need to take before deciding to undergo deep tissue massage therapy is to consult with an expert or massage therapist who is officially registered and certified to guarantee safety.

You can do a question-and-answer session regarding the right time to undergo therapy and how long it will take to get maximum results. They will help you in preparing a schedule and type of action that is tailored to your current conditions.

Self-Care at Home

The massage therapist you visit may suggest exercises or self-care techniques specifically designed to support the treatment you are undergoing. In this way, the results of the deep tissue massage therapy that has been carried out can last for a long time.

Deep tissue massage therapy is a very powerful treatment and has been proven to be able to reduce or even eliminate chronic pain experienced by people in various circles. You can look for therapists with the best quality in this field at Rejuvo Life Bali.

Not only does it eliminate pain, but you can also consult to maintain your health and prevent the same disease from returning. The most important thing is that you also need to adjust your schedule and exercise portions. You know that everything will be okay if you can do things in the right portion and duration. You need to adjust the workload to your body’s capability

That’s a review of deep tissue therapy and its benefits in treating chronic pain. Hopefully, the review above can provide benefits and appropriate therapy references for the health complaints you are experiencing.