Cryotherapy and its Impact on Blood Circulation

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Cryotherapy may be a word that is still quite uncommon to your ears. However, this therapy has been known for a long time and maybe you have done it without knowing it. Cryotherapy is a therapeutic method that involves exposing the body to very cold or low temperatures. This therapy is often also known as ice therapy. This therapy itself can be done as a whole or only in one area of ​​the body.

Some of the Best Benefits of Cryotherapy

You may have tried to relieve pain by using a bag filled with ice. This is usually done to reduce swelling and this also includes cryotherapy, or more precisely local cryotherapy. The cryotherapy method itself has several variations, ranging from bathing using ice water to using liquid nitrogen.

The benefits of using cryotherapy are numerous, starting from helping muscle recovery, treating cancer, and also being very good for blood circulation. Here are some of the benefits of cryotherapy that you should know.

Helps to Relieve Migraine Symptoms

One of the benefits of cryotherapy is that it can help cool the blood that flows through the head and neck area so that later this can help reduce various symptoms that are closely related to migraines.

A study also revealed that applying cold therapy or cryotherapy to the main blood vessels in the neck can help reduce pain significantly.

Helps to Relieve Pain and Heal Muscles

Another benefit of doing cryotherapy is to help overcome the pain that occurs in the muscles and also several disorders that occur in the joints. As you already know, this method can also help speed up the recovery process for injuries that often occur in athletes.

Cryotherapy itself has long been recommended by many doctors because it has many extraordinary benefits. Especially to help relieve injuries and pain.

Cryotherapy is very good for relieving pain and is also good for healing muscles because this method can improve the quality of blood circulation, so it can speed up the healing process while also eliminating pain.

Helps to Prevent Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

Although it may still require further research. However, there is a theory that says that carrying out comprehensive cryotherapy throughout the body, can help prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

This method is believed to be one of the most effective hang methods for anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory treatment. Carrying out cryotherapy can help combat oxidative stress and the inflammatory response that occurs in Alzheimer’s sufferers.

As a Treatment for Skin Conditions and Cancer

Cryotherapy is also used in the realm of dermatology, this therapy is used for treatment and also to remove tumors, malignant tumors, and pre-cancerous tumors. This method uses cryogen or what we usually know as liquid nitrogen on the tumor using cotton.

With cold temperatures, this will cause damage to the skin tissue, so that the tumor can be removed more easily. Apart from the outside, the use of cryotherapy can also be used to treat cancer that is on the inside of the body, such as prostate cancer.

Helps lose weight

By using this cryotherapy method you can also lose weight. This happens because, with cryotherapy, it can speed up the body’s metabolic processes. It will help in burning calories in the body, so it will create a calorie deficit in the body and lead to weight loss. That is why cryotherapy is also very useful for helping you lose weight.

Helps to Overcome Mood Disorders

One of the benefits you can feel from doing cryotherapy is that it can help overcome mood disorders. With very cold temperatures when performing cryotherapy on the whole body, this can cause the body to produce a physiological hormonal response. This will include the release of adrenaline, endorphins, and noradrenaline.

This is what can ultimately have a positive impact on people who have mood disorders such as excessive anxiety and depression. Research conducted reveals that performing whole-body cryotherapy can be a short-term treatment for both problems.

These are some of the benefits that cryotherapy can bring to humans. So, what impact can there be on blood circulation from doing cryotherapy? The following are some of the impacts of cryotherapy on blood circulation in the human body.

Impact of Cryotherapy on Blood Circulation

Doing cryotherapy can help to reduce dead cells caused by exercise and cryotherapy can also help to slow down the nerves that transmit pain resulting from injuries caused by exercise. By carrying out cryotherapy, it can result in reduced damage to the tissue and at the same time reduce the pain that occurs.

Baroreflex Effect

This is one of the impacts that arises from carrying out cryotherapy. This occurs due to the narrowing of the blood vessels, increasing blood flow in the body. This then stimulates the body to speed up the healing process and can also be very useful for reducing the pain that occurs.

Baroreflex itself is responsible for helping the body maintain blood pressure. This is done through the autonomic nerves. Autonomic nerves themselves are divided into two types, namely sympathetic responses and parasympathetic responses. The baroreflex is active when you perform whole-body cryotherapy.

Helps To Activate Self-Healing Abilities

One of the impacts that cryotherapy has on blood flow is that it helps to activate the “survival mode” in the human body. This happens because when the surface of our skin is exposed to temperatures below 200°F during the whole-body cryotherapy process, the cold sensors we have on the skin will send a very strong signal to the brain, which will then trigger the body to limit blood flow to the layers. outside the body.

When this happens, the body will flow blood to the core of the body through an internal cycle which will ultimately keep the body warm. When the body is in “survival mode”, all the resource reserves in our body will be directly activated and the ability to heal itself will be active.

That way, the blood in the body will receive greater amounts of oxygen, nutrients, enzymes, and hormones which are needed to survive in extreme conditions.

Increases Oxygen Levels in the Blood

One of the real impacts of using the cryotherapy method is that it can increase oxygen levels in the blood. Oxygen in the blood is one of the things that humans need, especially for healing. This increase in oxygen levels in the blood occurs due to stimulation that occurs outside the body. With temperatures that are considered extreme by the body, the brain will work and give signals to the body to activate various reserve resources in the body.

This process will ultimately allow all of these resource reserves to be diverted into the blood so that in the end the blood will receive much better oxygen intake, which can help speed up your healing process.

This is one of the impacts of cryotherapy that can occur on blood flow in the body. With blood that is rich in oxygen, the body will be much more effective in healing.

Improves the Immune System

With better blood circulation and richer oxygen, one of the effects of cryotherapy which occurs due to blood circulation in the body is that it can improve the body’s immune system. With a better immune system, the body can work much more effectively and ink can have a very good impact in healing various diseases.

The immune system in the human body has a very important role in maintaining health and also protecting the body from various viruses and diseases. By improving the body’s immune system, the healing process can be done more quickly and will not take long.

Improving Blood Circulation

One of the best things that comes from cryotherapy is that doing this can help you improve blood circulation in the body. This happens because when cryotherapy is carried out the body is in an extreme condition, so the brain will work extra hard to carry out various kinds of repairs to the body, including blood circulation.

With better blood circulation, your body can become fitter and will certainly have a very positive impact on your body. This can also cause a reaction in your healing process from injury which can take place more quickly.

Reduces Inflammation

With much better blood circulation, this will also help the body to reduce inflammation much more quickly. This is usually done by athletes who have extreme training methods so that they can improve their body’s performance and resilience, cryotherapy is the method chosen to speed up their healing process.

Cryotherapy is also able to increase their endurance as athletes, because with good blood circulation and can also help reduce inflammation, an athlete’s body can work optimally, and can reach the maximum limits of the human body.

These are some of the benefits of cryotherapy and also some of the impacts of cryotherapy on blood circulation in the human body. Cryotherapy is a therapy that has many good benefits for the body, especially to help cure various diseases.