Exploring the Benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy for Athletes

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Whole-body cryotherapy has amazing benefits for athletes. As we know, athletes in their daily lives can experience injuries and must be treated properly. Cryotherapy is one therapy that is very beneficial for athletes things such as overcoming potential injuries. Find out more about the benefits of cryotherapy in the following article.

What Is Whole-Body Cryotherapy?

In many cases, an athlete injured will use ice to treat the injury. The use of ice is the key to how cryotherapy works. Then what is cryotherapy? This is a treatment that exposes your body to super low temperatures that have many benefits.

This therapy can have a great impact on the quality of your blood circulation, burn more calories, and ultimately lead to a healthier metabolism. Whole-body cryotherapy is one of the most popular options. In just a few minutes, the patient’s entire body will be exposed to super-low temperatures.

Cryotherapy applied to the whole body can be very beneficial, especially for athletes. You can get the overall health and fitness benefits you’ve always wanted with cryotherapy.

The Good Effects of Cryotherapy Application to Your Body

In the process, cryotherapy applies extremely low temperatures to the body and is done in just a few minutes. Due to the extreme sub-zero temperatures, your body will respond unusually. Your body releases adrenaline which in turn increases blood flow.

The result of the body’s response is that a greater amount of oxygen is transferred to the body’s cells. These two elements combined then help initiate the body’s natural healing process. Doing whole-body cryotherapy will give you many benefits, here are some of the good effects this treatment has on your body:

  • Your body can build an optimal balance after intense physical activity. Cryotherapy supports the body’s healing more effectively than not doing this treatment.

Therefore, cryotherapy is highly recommended for athletes, especially those with intense training schedules. It is good for athletes to do cryotherapy so that they can optimize their activities for the best training results.

  • Cryotherapy can reduce the effects of swelling on your body. This treatment means that you will no longer feel excessive pain. Cryotherapy works by making your body’s blood vessels narrower so that the blood flow capacity can be reduced in certain areas.

This treatment system can also make inflammatory proteins not easily go to the area. In the end, swelling can be avoided by doing cryotherapy.

  • The effect of this treatment will make the nerve transmission slower than before. In this way, the intensity of the pain will be reduced and it will be easier for you to manage the pain.
  • One of the body’s reactions to cryotherapy is that the patient’s heart rate increases more than before. This allows more blood to be transferred to the muscle tissue, and the nutrient-rich blood will allow your muscles to recover quickly. You can then train more intensively and fatigue is no longer a serious problem.

Cryotherapy & Pain Management

Maybe you are still quite confused about how cryotherapy can affect pain. Therefore, we will explain everything about the amazing benefits of cryotherapy. Many athletes or those who are often physically active feel muscle pain that sometimes interferes with their daily lives.

Because of the pain, exercise performance can be impaired and even in serious cases, they cannot do any strenuous activity at all including sports. Cryotherapy is a treatment that can reduce this. Muscle inflammation can be reduced as well as possible so that the intensity of the pain will not be as great as before.

Cryotherapy works in a super-cold environment that can have the effect of making your body’s blood vessels narrow to a great extent. The blood flow will not be as intense towards the injured area so the pain can be reduced.

You don’t have to worry too much about muscle damage either, because cryotherapy can overcome this by suppressing the creatine kinase level (damaged muscle enzymes). So, the role of cryotherapy is vital for pain management and is ideal for athletes.

How Can Cryotherapy Restore Muscle?

Cryotherapy works wonders, it’s a smart treatment that can help you recover faster. When you do cryotherapy, the body responds to extreme temperatures. Norepinephrine is released as one of the body’s responses.

In addition, adrenaline is also released so that it can increase the intensity of the body’s blood circulation. This effect will pump good nutrients to all parts of your body in an efficient manner. So, cryotherapy can help muscles prepare and perform better for the muscle recovery process.

Norepinephrine itself has a special effect on the body that suppresses the level of pain sensitivity. Cryotherapy is recommended for you to do after exercise especially if you feel excessive muscle pain.

How a Cryotherapy Session Goes?

So, are you curious about how you go about a cryotherapy session? Before the treatment, you will have an in-depth consultation. Usually, the consultation will last approximately 10-15 minutes, there is a cryotherapy specialist who will make you understand this treatment further.

They will discuss your medical history or other important information. From the dressing room, you will go to the Cryotherapy room. The temperature in this room is set at sub-zero as the concept of cryotherapy itself is cold therapy.

You can prepare your favorite music here too. Inside the cryotherapy chamber, you will stay for a few minutes. Cryotherapy is a flexible therapy, in other words, you can set your minutes. Since not everyone can complete the entire cryotherapy session, you can exit the chamber when you need to.

You don’t need to worry because the door to the cryotherapy room is unlocked. This therapy can be done in stages and feel free to plan your visit accordingly. Since you will be entering a room with extremely low temperatures, it will feel like you are outdoors in winter. Although it takes a lot of effort in there, you will feel a great sensation after coming out. You will feel more energized than before.


So, do you know enough about cryotherapy? If you don’t, you can check out the FAQ below, which might help you.

How cold is the cryotherapy chamber?

The temperature in cryotherapy may vary slightly as cryotherapy can be used for beginners as well as professionals. For beginners, the room temperature is at -110°C. While for professional rooms, the temperature is around -140°C. For those who are already using this treatment regularly, they can enter a room with a professional cryotherapy temperature.

What is whole-body cryotherapy?

As the name suggests, this cryotherapy method exposes your entire body to extremely low temperatures for a few minutes. When your entire body is exposed to extreme temperatures, there will be certain natural responses, one of which is the narrowing of blood vessels.

Blood flow will be more restricted and the body will naturally flow nutrient-rich blood to the core of the body. The good effect of the process is that some organs will be well protected. In the process of cryotherapy, your body will have more oxygen than before.

Not only that, the protein in the body will also increase so that it can overcome swelling. When your cryotherapy session is over and you leave the room, the precious blood will flow back to all parts of the body. Whole-body cryotherapy is one of the most popular and reliable services for endurance support.

Is this safe enough?

Cryotherapy is an inherently safe therapy. Both the safety of the procedure and the health outcome will be important points that will be considered. The temperature in the cryotherapy room is well-regulated before guests enter it and each session has a certain time limit according to the procedure.

For extra safety, each guest will first wear a protective shield so that their body can be better protected from the extremities in the cryotherapy process. Each guest will be guided by a professional team so that they can have a safe cryotherapy experience even if it is their first time.

Is cryotherapy good for my skin?

From the discussion above, we know that cryotherapy is good for athletes. But cryotherapy has other benefits and it depends on how it is applied. One of the main ways cryotherapy works is to make the cells nourish the skin.

Cryotherapy makes the blood in your body carry essential nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells. Cryotherapy can help with collagen production, providing youthful benefits and overall skin health.


One method of cryotherapy that many people rely on is whole-body cryotherapy. The benefits that can be obtained from cryotherapy are relieving muscle pain, reducing swelling, relieving body pain, and other benefits. Cryotherapy that includes application to the whole body generally takes 3 minutes.

In the cryotherapy room, extremely low temperatures are set and can be adjusted to beginner or professional levels. For athletes who have intense physical activity, cryotherapy is recommended.

Athletes will often find potential injuries and this must be handled properly. One of them is cryotherapy, this therapy can enhance recovery so that it is good for athletes. Athletes will not need too long recovery time with cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy has many more benefits and is not only good for athletes but also for other health needs.